Internet Marketing

Google +1 Button

Google’s new +1 button has already started surfacing on the internet. Even though it is appearing well ahead of schedule, it’s hard to believe it is just being integrated into search now. Similar to Facebook’s Like button (which started popping up on the web 1 year ago), a user with a Google profile can +1 a website in the organic listings as well as +1 advertisements in the pay per click sections. Digg came out with a similar and very successful concept years ago, where the most dugg articles would rise to the top, only they took it one step further and allowed users to bury articles they didn’t find useful. Whether you like it or not, Google is moving into the social realm and has slowly been incorporating features such as real time tweets and social group buying sites that will rival Groupon. The internet marketing industry is moving at a fast pace with no signs of slowing down thanks to Google and their constant changes to their algorithms and increased functionality. To be find out exactly when Google’s new +1 button will officially go live and be available in webmaster tools, click here. Hopefully this feature is more than just their yearly April fools joke!*Update – Helvetica...

Inbound Marketing Tools

Collabo is proud to announce it is a Hubspot partner! Hubspot is not only a great software tool to help manage inbound marketing campaigns for businesses (SEO, SEM, SMM), but it is also a very good resource for online marketing beginners and business owners alike. Founded by MIT graduates and located in Cambridge, MA, this 5 year old startup company has recently come across some well deserved good fortune. Hubspot has recently received $32 Million dollars of investment money from Google Ventures, and Sequoia. Hubspot gained popularity due to it’s widely used free website analysis tool that has over 3 million users. Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot is recognized in Wikipedia as the one who first coined the term inbound marketing. It’s no wonder Hubspot has over 4,000 current customers and growing. At the starting price of $3,000 per year for small businesses and $18,000 for large corporations there is a package for each level, which if utilized properly, will definitely pay itself off over and over again. Free 30 Day Trial or 20% Off Your Hubspot Software Contact Collabo...

When Are The Best Times To Tweet?

Social media is all the rage these days, with facebook and twitter logos popping up on every major retailers website and even commercials. The beauty of twitter is that it isn’t as personal as facebook, so you can accumulate a large following of strangers who are all interested in whatever it is you do or tweet about. This is great, because you no longer need to hire an expensive PR firm to get your word out, but rather tweet it to your many twitter followers. That being said, what is the best time to tweet in order to make sure your audience is seeing it? There are all sorts of blogs and fun tools scrutinizing the statistics in order to come up with the best time to tweet. From what we have read the single best time to tweet is at 9:00 am PST (Pacific Standard Time). The reasoning is fairly simple: you are reaching audiences all around the world at major break times. For example at 9:00am PST, people on the west coast of North America are just getting into work, logging onto their computers and seeing what is going on in the world. On the east coast of North America, it is 12 noon EST, which means people are on their lunch break and again trying to get caught up with their friends and happenings around the world. It also coincides with end of the business day in London – 5:00 pm GMT. For this reason it is believed that 9:00am PST is the single best time to tweet. Although this may be true, we think it really has to do more with who your audience is. If your audience is a bunch of college students, one thing we noticed from our days in the dorm were that people flooded to the internet on Sundays and spent all their time on ICQ, MSN or Facebook instead of studying. Or if the majority of your followers are professionals on the west coast of North America, you may want to tweet during major break times such as morning, lunch and after regular business hours (PST). Tech And Life believes you should retweet your message...

Social Media Optimization (SEO 2.0)

SEO 2.0 is all about combining the technical aspects of SEO with the social aspects of Web 2.0 (social media). This is a full-bodied approach to SEO where the “primary” focus is on people.